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Hex Americana (graphic novel)

Writing, artwork, 3D modeling for designs and references

Tiny Swords SMAAASH (board game)

Game design, art/graphic design, Kickstarter campaign/marketing, etc.

Stay Awake (Videogame prototype)

Character design, art direction,

2D Spine animation 

Author Pic.png

Bree Wolf is an artist. She makes board games, comics, illustrations, video game animations, and just about anything else she can imagine.


These are just a few of the projects Bree Wolf has worked on:

Hex Americana


Maker Comics: Design A Game! (Writer/Artist)

Fight Item Run: A Pixelated TTRPG


Tiny Swords SMAAASH!

(Artist/Game Designer)

Queer Quest

(2D Character Artist/Animator)

Kitchen Witchery

(Art Director/Game Designer)


You can download Bree's Resume by clicking here.

If you've got a project you'd like Bree to work on, contact her at

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