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Queer Quest (2022-2023)

This quirky adventure game is set in the dev team's hometown of Portland, Oregon. I was hired late in the game's development, and was asked to animate pre-made characters and create new ones that fit the style previously established.

Stay Awake (2018-2019)

For this Lovecraftian take on Don't Starve, I was tasked with designing and animating my own creatures and player characters. I designed, rigged, and animated 5 different monsters and a player character.

Kitchen Witchery (2022)

A lighthearted puzzle game born out of the Global Game Jam 2022. I was lead art director and game designer for this project. My discussions with Tom Van Deusen led us to the Mary Blair-esque storybook style, and adopting a deliberately stacatto animation style reminiscent of paper cutout cartoons. 

There's more to see! Email me for a link to my NDA portfolio!

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