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Vehicle and character designs for my original graphic novel Hex Americana. I designed and modeled multiple vehicles and race courses in Blender. This way, I could keep my models consistent in shape and scale. By the end of production, I created 4 key 'hero' vehicles and 3 variants, as well as 11 different sets for them to race through.

To see more of my work on Hex Americana, click here!

Character/vehicle/set designs for graphic novel pitch "Dragon Road".

I'm working with my agent Barry Goldblatt to submit it to publishers as my next book after Hex Americana!

The book is set in a post-industrial fantasy world, so my goal was to find an interesting blend of fantasy and more modern design choices.

Illustration and concept art for Stay Awake survival crafting game. I was in charge of designing and animating all of the playable characters and enemies.

For more about my work on Stay Awake, click here!

Gallery of Tiny Swords characters and props for my self-published games. Each of these belongs to one of various cute themes (Spooky, Mermaid, etc.) and is given unifying design elements and pastel color palette. 


To see more of my work on Tiny Swords SMAAASH, click here!

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