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Stay Awake was a survival crafting horror game prototype, inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and the game Don't Starve. The creator of the prototype hired me to design and animate the characters from 2018-2019.

The intent behind the project was to evoke a mischievous yet threatening atmosphere, creepy and cute.

To that end, I designed ten different player characters and eight unique monsters. Once those designs were finalized, I created four-directional rigs and animations for one player character and four of my monster designs to be used in a prototype. 

Production art featuring the Student player character and various monsters.

Early explorations for the Student player character and overall style of Stay Awake character design.

Concept art for the Lurking Ones monster.

Concept art for Student, including visualizing the physical/mental breakdown system.

Examples of animations for the Student.

Top left: Exploratory drawings for the Gug monster.

Bottom left: Finalized design for the Gug.

Right: Video showcasing all of the animations for the Gug, including idle, bite, run, charge, and hit.

Left: Exploratory drawings for Brown Jenkins monster.

Bottom: Finalized design for Brown Jenkins.

Right: Animation reel of Brown Jenkins' animations, including walk and run.

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