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Gallery of Tiny Swords designed for my card game of the same name. These were later used as the visual basis for my board game Tiny Swords SMAAASH. You can also see the corresponding Tiny Swordfighter characters on my Character Design page. 

Gnomedrop Gorge Renders.png

For my book Hex Americana, I designed and modeled multiple vehicles and race courses in Blender. This way, I could keep my models consistent in shape and scale. By the end of production, I created 4 key 'hero' vehicles and 3 variants, as well as 11 different sets for them to race through.

Below are just a couple of the sets I built for these action setpieces, along with panels from the final book.

Gnomedrop Gorge Example 2.png
Echo Caverns Example.jpg
Gnomedrop Gorge Example 1.png
Skullcross Speedway Renders.png
Echo Caverns Renders.png
Echo Caverns Example 2.jpg
Skullcross Example 1.jpg
Skullcross Example 2.jpg

Concept designs for a Tiny Swords kart racing card game. Each vehicle is themed after one of the titular Tiny Swords (in this case Sweet, Mermaid, Moon, and Spooky) and uses similar color palettes and visual motifs to tie everything together.

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